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Why pledging on Radio Continentale?

Effective communication is the only way to reach the heart of a people. Power 102.1 FM – Radio Continentale isvery sensitive to what it takes to get our community the news and vital information they need to optimize their lives. Consequently Power 102.1 FM – Radio Continentale has dedicated its best and most valuable resources to ensure the community hears and sees the news in the language they can understand and relate to. We have acquired the most skillful Deejays and hosts with a niche for using the language effectively to educate, inform and entertain our diverse communities. These dedicated individuals see this as a way of giving back to the community. After all Power 102.1 FM – Radio Continentale is a non-profit radio station operating 24 hours.

This requires a lot of support to maintain our community-based focus. As we give to the community we ask also that you give what you can to keep this wonderful and vital service going. It takes a lot more than we are asking to keep us going. However with each contribution we are able to keep our community educated, informed and entertained. Please see this as one way that you can give back to your community by contributing. No contribution is too small in our eyes.

Please pledge in any of the amounts listed: $5, $10, $20, $25, $50,$75 or $100.

Think of the many lives you will touch by making this contribution. Think also of the great medium you are helping to maintain by keeping Power 102.1 FM – Radio Continentale on the air as we do our part for you and the rest of the community. Thanks in advance for your heartfelt contribution. Please make your contribution by clicking “donate” on the home page of www.power1021fm.com and selecting the amount you are able to give.





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