MARCH 1, 2015—ATIS TET ANSANM is an informal association of Haitian music industry (HMI) personalities at all levels who have come together to work on correcting the issues facing our industry. We are working on developing solutions to advance our industry. However, we have found it necessary to address a new issue in light of a recent, disturbing, event.
Last night, a violent act took place that has placed one of the HMI’slegends in the hospital. For reasons that remain unclear, promoter Carlito Corvil and his entourage jumped Alan Cavé in Atlanta, Georgia. While the circumstances surrounding the incident are not yet completely known, one fact is for certain—we, as artists, will not condone violence against one of our own.

As a family of artists, we are taking a firm stand against this and other forms of violence. As an association, we refuse to allow such an occurrence to ever repeat itself. But most importantly, as human beings, we ask fans, musicians, and lovers of our craft and of our industry to stand with us and denounce what has happened to Alan Cavé.
We ask that you keep Alan Cavé in your prayers as he recovers.

Antenor “Shabba” Herve, Djakout #1
Rolls Laine, Djakout #1
Izolan, Barikad Crew
Richard Adrien, Barikad Crew
Roberto Martino, T-Vice
Joseph Zenny “Ti Jo”, Kreyol La
Jeff Jean Pierre “Ton Jeff”, Kreyol La
Ogan “O-Gun” Izgi, Team Lobey
Pooh Bear, Team Lobey
Freshla, Vwadezil
Garcia Delva, Le Konpa
Jonathan Perry, “JPerry”
Hantz Fred “Ti Ansyto” Mercier
Michael Benjamin “Mikaben”
Gerald Chery, Kzino
Mimerose Beaubrun “Manze”, Boukman Eksperyans
Vincent Bartha (Blan Lokal), Boukman Eksperyans
ArlyLariviere, Nu Look
Jean Herard “Richie” Richard, Klass
Jean Brutus Derissaint, Zenglen
Richard Cave, Carimi
Fritz Hyacinthe, Carimi
Mickael Guirand, CARIMI
Big Jim, Rockfam
Flav, Gabel
Sanders, Harmonik
Alex Abellard, Zin