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Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly: - Entrepreneur, Empowerment Speaker, Visual Coach, Master Promoter

About us

The Caribbean and American Global Business Connections President and founder is Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly. A Native of Guyana, South America. She exhibits a passion; helping others strive for success, and thus she wanted to create this platform for her Caribbean Culture and the American and Global Community. She is known as Atlanta’s No.1 Networker and the Global Connector. Many people also know Sebrena, for her strong dedication and passion for connecting business owners and people in general. She encourages them to move beyond their communities through effective networking with the goal of forming personal and professional relationships. This wife and mother will tell you in order to get people to know WHO you are, You MUST Network effectively.

Her mission is to teach others to N-Vest-N- themselves in every capacity of their being. The CABCGlobal, she hopes will be the forum to establish personal and professional relationships by building genuine connections long term. This forum will not only teach business owners and entrepreneurs how to create and maintain business connections, but will be an asset to anyone who is open to receiving vital Empowerment Tools.

There should be no limits to your potential and that is a mantra that Sebrena Sumrah-Kelly follows everyday. Rediscover your Entrepreneurial gifts (everyone was blessed with THEM). Promote and support each other, without seeking a return; it will come back when least expected. Sebrena, has been featured in several publications such as: Who’s Who in Black Atlanta Publication and People You Need to Know Magazine. Sebrena, audiences range from Fifth graders to Adults. Many has noted that her Voice exhibits Passion and confidence.

As president of The CaBcGlobal, Sebrena Hosts a Quarterly Networking Event for ALL. She generously spreads wisdom and what it means to share in one’s Spiritual Vision. Her love of community is present and many have witnessed the appreciation despite your Geographic background.

Sebrena says, Our platform is for anyone, not just for the people who are in business. Too many times, we neglect to uplift and Empower The forgotten souls. Those people are the ones who can add value to our business.

Her personal mantra is, N-Vest-N-YOU because no one else! Tune into Her Weekly   Radio  EmpowermentSeries-N-Vest-N-YOU onPower102.1FM,-TheBridgeofDiversity. or on Thursdays@7-8pm. Contact Sebrena@404-981-7087.