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Nicole Claude is a healthcare professional with a background in many aspects of nursing. She is alsoskilled in the areas of communication, leadership, team building, managementand program developer. She is multilingual speaking English, French, Spanish and Creole.

Since 2007,Claude transitioned to community and media work. Today, she serves as a communicator, life coach and creative consultant with an advocacy platform. Her ultimate goal is to help generate a plethora of a healthier lifestyle with an emphasis on the Haitian/Caribbean communities and the less informed.

Moreover in 2009, she produced and hosted The Nicole Claude Show, a one-hour show, broadcasted live in the City of Chicago.As a preschooler growing up in Haiti, she became fascinated with the radio whowas overjoyed when listening to the news like “De La Maison Blanche”, for example. Over time,she was hooked by one of Haiti‘s talented Haitian Radio Personality and Actor, Alcibiad.

Today,Nicole is your host on The Nicole Claude Show- Your Voice is on Power 102.1 FM. Her focus is to keep the audience engaged and revitalized. The show airs live in Chicago, every Monday from 8-10 PM CST. Nicole Claude was recently featured on The Haitian Times in an essay called “7Haitian Radio Personalities Who Are Changing the Game” by Kat Cherie.

Nicole is also the founder of Midwest Communication Network Group, a not-for-profit organization, Your Health-Wealth Care Management Plan and appointed President for the Haitian-American Nurses Association of ILL. As its founder,she is committed to its initiatives in the Heartland.

At Studio 26, she is currently featuring MissHaitiInternational, NornaAugustave Pageant contestant for “Miss International” as well as Ms.NadegeFleurimond, Author and Program Developer for her upcoming book entitled “Haiti Uncovered: A Regional Adventure Into The Art of Haitian Cuisine”.

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