One Night in Vegas with Konpa Kreyol


It is our distinct pleasure to announce that the group, Konpa Kreyol is joining the Kompa In Vegas experience in 2015. For many music fans, Konpa Kreyol became a staple in the Haitian music scene and we are so excited to bring them back for just one night on the Vegas Strip at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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The VIP Experience Group, LLC. is proud to continue raising the bar to make the Haitian Music Industry shine as brightly as it has ever dreamed of!

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Vegas sets the stage for a One Night Only Comeback
One Night in Vegas with Konpa Kreyol

Las Vegas, Nevada – Ten years ago a group called Konpa Kreyol took over radio airwaves and became one of the top contenders in the Haitian music industry. With top hits like “Viens Chez Moi,” “Li pa vini,” “Gen, Gen, Geng,” “Ki Mele’m,” and “Pa et Ma,” Konpa Kreyol became a quick representative of the Novel Jenerasyon sound. As their stardom rose, their fan base was cemented throughout Canada, Haiti, Boston, New York, Europe and the Antilles, until sadly the band broke up, leaving an irreplaceable void within the music industry.

The VIP Experience Group, LLC, is proud to announce that for just one night, Sunday, June 28, 2015, Konpa Kreyol is back. Taking the stage at the Hard Rock Café on Paradise Road in Vegas, Konpa Kreyol is bringing back what compas lovers have been longing for, for over a decade. Music, vibes and unity will be focus for this one night only reunion, as old songs make a comeback and the newer generation is introduced to real pioneers of the Nouvel Jenerasyon phenomenon.

“I am a diehard Konpa Kreyol fan, the chemistry between Ti Joe Zenny and David Dupoux is unequivocal, the Haitian music industry has missed them and it was time for us to do our best to get them back on stage if only for one night – our best worked!” says Nathan Fragelus of The VIP Experience Group, LLC.

A fresh new face to the Kompa scene, Konpa in Vegas has already gained momentum as one of the best Haitian events in the United States, bringing in thousands of music aficionados to the Vegas Strip for an unforgettable weekend of dancing, music and thrills. The addition of the Kompa Kreyol reunion to the already electrifying line up, only solidifies the impact that the VIP Experience Group, LLC has had in the Haitian music industry.

Be it “Zouk on the Strip,” “The Black Tie & Stiletto Affair,” “The 3rd Edition Angels on Earth All White Affair,” or “The Bikini & Martini Celebrity Pool Party,” the Vegas Strip will definitely be bussing with the sound of Haitian music on an extreme level and the edition of Konpa Kreyol on Sunday, June 28, 2015 has made it equally rousing.

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