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Radio Show : Kompa Zouk Love Vibration

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Born in Ganthier, Haiti, Achille Cetoute left Haiti at a very young age to live in Guadeloupe with his family. After leaving in Guadeloupe for 5 years, the family moved to Boston where he’s been living for about 22 years. Achille Cetoute is married and is the proud father of two boys.

Achille Cetoute holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has been in the IT field for 12 years and is currently pursuing Network Administrator certificates for Microsoft and Cisco. He currently work for Atos IT solutions formerly Siemens IT Solutions. As Power 102.1 FM – Radio Continentale’s Director of Operations, Achille oversees the day to day function of the radio. He coordinates and ensures all studios are operational. He oversees all network and IT related issues pertaining the radio. Achille is also the host of Kompa Zouk Love Vibration which airs on the radio every Sundays 6-8pm.